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Curriculum For This Program

RHCSA Videos by Amit Sir
1. Introduction to Redhat Linux Preview
2. Uses of Linux OS Preview
3.Types of Linux OS
4. CentOS on VMware Preview
Linux VM
1. Understanding Operating System Preview
2. Creating a Virtual machine
3. Setting up the Virtual Machine
4. Linux Directory Structure
Linux Directories
Linux Directories Part -1
Linux Directories Part -2
Linux Directories Part -3
Basic Commands
1. Understanding Shell
2. Basic File Commands
3. Directory Navigation & Users Commands
4. System Information Commands
Basic Network Command
1. Basic System Information & Network Information Commands
2. Basic Network Information Commands Part - 2
3. Basic Networking Information commands Part - 3
Basic Commands
1. pwd - & echo command
3. cd, cat, grep, copy, move & sudo -i commands
2. Sudo Command-
3. cd, cat, grep, copy & move commands
Directory & File editing Command
1. mkdir command & Alias
2. VI Editing Commands
3. Files. Commands & Fields in User & Groups
Users & Groups
User & groups -1
User & groups 2
User & groups 3
User & Groups - 4
2. Permissions Part 1
3. Permissions Part 2
3. Permissions Part -3
Chaining & piping / Standard Stream
1. Chaining and Piping
2 Standard Streams, Pathnames, dot and dot dot directories
1. Lsblk Command
2. Directory Locations in Hard Disk Partition
3. Df-h, Du. free, lscpu Command
Commands & Inodes
1. Types of Users, Find Files in Linux
2. Locate, date, & storage
3. Inodes
1. Links Part 1
2. Links Part 2
3. Wildcards
4. ACL
Special Permission
1. Special Permissions
Special Permissions - 2
3. Default file Permissions
Disk Partition
1. Disk Partition on Linux
2. Disk Partition & Bios Firmware
Master Boot Record
1. Manage MBR with fdisk Part-1
2. Manage MBR with fdisk Part-2
3. Permanent Mounting & Make a new swap partition in Linux
LVM Part 1
1. Logical Volume Management Part-1
2. Logical Volume Management Part-2
1. Logical Volume Management Part-3
2. lvreduce & LVM Summary in Linux
Redhat Package
1. Red Hat Package Manager in Linux Part-1
2. Red Hat Package Manager in Linux Part-2
Yum Command
Yum command in linux Part-1
Yum Command in Linux Part-2
Yum Command in Linux Part-3
Custom Repository in Linux
1. Create Custom Repository in Linux Part-1
2. Create Custom Repository in Linux Part-2 & GPGcheck & GPG Keys
Schedule future task
1. at command in linux
2. Crontab Command & Interview Questions In Linux Part-1
Interview Prep & System Log
1. Interview Questions In Linux Part-2
2. System Logs & Log Priority and Logger Command
Data Compression
1. Compress data in linux & Access linux server in company Part-1
2. Access linux server in company Part-2 & SSH alternative
File Transfer
1. Transfer Files Between Servers (Using SCP)
2. Transfer Files Between Servers (Using RSYNC) & Password Less Authentication
Sudo Configuration
1. Sudo Configuration in Linux
Network Fundamental
Networking Fundamentals in Linux Part-1
Networking Fundamentals in Linux Part-2
Networking Fundamentals in Linux Part-3
Network Manager
Network Manager Command Line Interface Part-1
2. Network Manager Command Line Interface Part-2 & Manage Process Part-1
Manage Process
1. Manage Process Part-2
2. Process States & CPU Load Average
Disk Partition
1. Disk Partition on Linux
2. Disk Partition & Bios Firmware
SELinux Part - 1_1
SELinux Part - 2_2
SELinux Part - 2_2_1
SELinux Part - 3_1
Firewall & http server
Firewall & HTTP Server_2
NFS Services Part - 1_1
NFS Services Part - 2_2
(Troubleshooting) Working With GRUB 2_2
Getting Help in Linux_1
Boot Process
Boot Process_1
Starting A Troubleshooting Target_2
Rescue Disk
Using a Rescue Disk & Troubleshooting _1
Advanced Storage Concept
Advanced Storage Concepts VDO & STRATIS Part - 1_1
Advanced Storage Concepts VDO & STRATIS Part - 2_1
Containers Part - 1_2
Containers Part - 2_1
Containers Part - 3_2
Containers Part - 4_1
Network Time Protocol_2
Bash Shell
Bash Shell Scripting Part - 1_2
Bash Shell Scripting Part - 2_3
Practice Questions_1
Ansible Part - 1_1
Ansible Part - 2_2
Linux (Part:1)
Linux Directory
Understanding Shell
Basic Commands & Tools
VI Editor
User & Groups
Finding Files
Special Permissions
File System
Disk Management
LV Management
LVM Summary
GPGcheck & GPGkeys
System Logs
Connecting to Linux Machine , Transfer files b/w Server using rsync
Network Fundamentals
nmtui & nmcli
Process Management
Systemd & Kernel
Target Levels
SELINUX : http & default context
Working with Firewall
Http Server
NFS Services & Mount
Working with GRUB
Starting a Troubleshooting Target
Using Rescue Disk
Containers | Shell Scripting
Knowledge Quiz
RHCSA Unedited Videos by Amit Sir
Introduction to Linux
Overview of Linux
Introduction to Linux Operating System, Red hat Enterprise, Installation of Linux Virtualization M/C
Linux Architecture, Linux Directory Structure
Basic commands
Basic Commands (Part-2)
Basic Commands, VI Editor , Alias & Commands
VI Editor, VI Editing Commands
User management
Absolute Path & Relative Path
Du, df and wc Commands, Root, System, User Accounts, Inode-links
Special Permissions
Process Management, Types of Linux File System Formats, Adding disks, Partitions, Filesystems
MBR ( Master Boot Record) & GUID Partition Table ( GPT)
Manage MBR with fdisk, Managing GPT with gdisk ,Creation of New Swap Partition
LVM : Creation
LV Management
LVM Managment : ( LVM Reduce , LVM Summary)
YUM Client
YUM Commands , GPG Checks & GPG Keys
Scheduling Future task with (Cron & at Command )
System Logs , System Log Files, Compression
Connecting to a Linux Machine ( via Local Console , ssh)
Tranfers Files between Servers ( using SCP & rsync )
Passwordless login
Understanding Systemd- Service unit , sudo configuration, Network Fundamental
Managing Network Address & Interface, Configuring Network configuration with nmtui , nmcli
Manage Process, System Performance tuning
Understanding Systemd : Systemctl Overview
Role of the Linux Kernel : Managing Kernel Modules
vcenter discussion
SELINUX : Core Element, SELINUX-Run HTTP Server on default Setting
Selinux- Set default Context & http Webserver
Working with Firewall
HTTP Server & httpd install
NFS : Mounting and Setup
Working with GRUB 2 : Default Grub2 Option
Start a Troubleshooting Target
Re-Creating the Initramfs using a Resuce Disk
NTP ( Network Time Protocol)
Overview of Ansible

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