Linux Zero to Hero Hindi

Self Paced Video Course

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Samir

Validity Period: 365 days

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Includes all this :- 

Zoom ID & Index
Linux May Zoom ID
Course Outline
How to Attend Live Class
How to Join Network Kings Live Classes | Zoom software
Live Recordings
linux 15 may
linux 18 mat
linux 19may
Linux 20 may
Linux 26 May
Linux 27th May
Linux 28 May
05 Linux Built in help & Basic Linux Priciples
Linux 29 May Vi
Vi Notes
LINUX 02 June | Basic Commands
Linux 04 JUNE | Basic File System
Linux 05 JUNE| Basic File System
Linux 08 June | File Types
Linux 09 June File Types & Links
Linux 10 June Basic Commands(mkdir,echo)
Linux 11 June I/O Redirection
Linux 12 June Doubt Session
Linux 15 June Text Processing Tool
Linux 16 June Text Processing Tool II
Linux 17 June Archive & Compression
Linux 18 June Regex
Linux 19 June grep
Linux 22 June Process Mgmt
Linux 23 June Process Mgmt
Linux 24 June Process Scheduling
Linux 25 June Process Scheduling
Linux 26 June Bash
Linux 29 June Bash Script
Linux 30 June Bash Script
Linux 01 Jully Storage Mgmt
Linux 02 Jul Storage Mgmt
Linux 03 Jul Adv Storage Mgmt
Linux 06 Jul Adv Storage LVM
Linux 07 User Mgmt
Linux 08 User Mgmt
Linux 09 User Mgmt
Linux 10 Network Mgmt
Linux 13 Network Mgmt
Linux 14 Jul Network Mgmt
Linux 15 Jul Network Mgmt
Linux 16 Jul Firewall Mgmt
Linux 17 Jul Firewall Mgmt
Linux 20 Jul Permission Mgmt
Linux 21 Jul Boot Seq
linux 22 Jul Grub & Password Recovery
Linux 23 Jul initd & systemd
Linux 24 Jul
Linux 27 Jul
Linux 28 Jul
Linux 30 Jul
No Class For 10 th July and 11 th July
Log Mgmt
Log Mgmt
Samba Service
SE Linux
Permission Mgmt
Web Services
Web Services
Web Services
Database Mgmt
DNS Concept
DNS Practical
Mail Server

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