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Python Programming for Network Engineers course is designed for Network Engineers to learn python and other forms of automation skills using python programming language to manage network devices. You will learn how to configure routers and switches using python. With a proper knowledge of networking coupled with python you will be able to automate your networking tasks.

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Exam Details

Exam Code PYTHON
Exam Level  Associate
Exam Cost $300 
Exam Duration 90 Minutes
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions & Multiple Response
Total Questions 55-65 Questions
Passing Score
Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)


  • ✓ Fundamental knowledge of networking
  • ✓ No prior knowledge of programming required

Network Programming & Automation
Python for Network Engineers

The Python for network engineers provided for individuals who want to improve their work output by accessing important skill for network managing and maintaining task through python scripting making this one of the tops and high-demand Cisco certification for Python for network engineers. Therefore, with our certified system, our students become experts in managing new tools for their everyday job.

This Python Cisco online course will expand your creative process, enabling you to fully grasp the python language structure and Python variables and syntaxis. In a similar fashion, python for network engineers offer powerful tools that will, for instance, free your time from annoying debugging, therefore making it a programming skill that will provide an instant return in every one of your projects. On the other hand, Python in networking is very attractive as a glue the language used to link together components already in used, which makes it a high-level programming language that is widely implemented by large organizations like NASA or the CERN

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  • 1. You’ll be able to master the Python Programming language by building multiple projects.
  • 2. You’ll be able to create a portfolio to apply for Developer jobs.
  • 3. You’ll learn to use modern frameworks like Beautiful Soup, Request, Flask, Pandas, etc.
  • 4. You’ll learn the skills to build games like Blackjack, Pong, and Snake using Python.
  • 5. You’ll be able to build GUIs and Desktop applications with Python.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How are live sessions conducted?

Live classes are conducted through Zoom Meetings software. The Zoom ID is shared once the student enroll in the course and the course is added to the student portal.

Are all classes live? What if I miss a session?

You Don’t need to worry if you miss the session. The recorded videos of the sessions will be uploaded online in the student portal within 24 hours of the live session and all recorded videos would be accessible to the students.

Where can I enroll for this course?

Enroll in a course simply by adding it to your cart by just clicking add to cart button.

Why do you not have classroom training available?

As most of our teachers are working professionals in the fields they teach, so it isn’t convenient for them to be available offline and we don’t think tempering with quality is a smart move.

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Please share your contact details on the Contact-us page to get a call back from our counsellors.


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